2019 –

As part of an ongoing publishing venture, STSQ is working with Assemble and common-edition to develop a new title, Collaboration, the first monograph of the award-winning architects Assemble. A book about collaborative practice, created through collaborative practice.

Collaboration reflects on the ongoing history of Assemble, the collaborative strategies they have developed over their ten-year history, and the many collaborators they have worked with along the way, including the volunteers who built the Cineroleum and Folly for a Flyover, to the ongoing activism of the Community Land Trust in Granby, to the children and playworkers who have made Baltic Street Adventure Playground their own.

The text in the book does not prioritise one voice or perspective over another. Authored in a series of conversations, which were then edited collectively, the body text holds diverse perspectives within a single authorial voice.This experimental text strategy is periodically interrupted by contributions from some of Assemble’s many collaborators, who have put forth diverse material to represent their experiences of working with Assemble.

STSQ initiated a series of experimental workshops with Assemble, as a means to generate the major design elements of the book — grid, line, colour and font. The workshops formed the tool kit for Collaboration’s design, and the basis of Bits & Pieces — a game produced by the three co-publishers as a fundraising edition for the book, envisioned as a way to facilitate further modes of creative play using these outcomes of the design workshops.

Every element of the book from editorial structure, text, and design was created collectively through conversation and experimentation. Collaboration is a celebration — of the process, practice, and radical promise — of working together.

Release date: 2021
Paperback, 170 x 240 mm