Alber Elbaz / Lanvin – Manifeste, Lanvin, 2015

Concept, editing & design of publication, Alber-Elbaz / Lanvin – MANIFESTE. In a rare moment of calm, Alber Elbaz, artistic director of Lanvin, reflects upon his personal experiences and beliefs in relation to the fashion industry and the world in which we live. Exploring subjects such as the atelier, backstage, designing collections, emotions and jealousy, the reader is taken on a visual journey through Alber’s inner mind, where personal anecdotes and philosophies are depicted.

The book contains 148 photographs, captured by witnesses – But Sou Lai, Katy Reiss, Juliette da Cuhna, Alex Koo & Mark Leibowitz – who have all worked with Lanvin and Elbaz for many years. The book was released in conjunction with an exhibition at the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie in Paris ( 9th Sep – 10th Oct 2015 ).

Marie Jacotey, Self-published, 2015

Part concept, design & publishing of publication Dear Love Who Should Have Been Forever Mine - Marie Jacotey. This publication was the outcome of a close collaboration with the artist in order to develop a unique binding, which allows the reader total freedom in how they approach the work. The book is made up of individual artworks, loosely folded and gathered into two sections, each corresponding to the perspective of one of the protagonists. Part introspection, part emotional exchange, the visual correspondence can be read in multiple ways: in series as part of a continuous narrative, individually as unique artworks or even placed as a large-scale installation, to literally ‘map out’ this surprising love story.

Within – Howard Tangye, Studio Project, 2013

Design, editing, type design and publishing of publication, Within – Howard Tangye. Within is a long-overdue survey of Howard Tangye's remarkable work as an artist. For decades, Tangye has inspired the fashion industry as Head of Womenswear Design at Central Saint Martins College. Within is a story about Tangye’s lifelong passion for drawing, and examines his working practise through the experiences of the artist with his sitters. In the book Tangye describes the sitters' characteristics and how he has captured these unique qualities on paper. More unusually this book also gives a voice to the subject. Through the use of typography, material combinations and production processes, the publications enables the reader to experience and get a sense Howard's practise and world.

Art of Change, Hayward Gallery, 2012

Design of catalogue and exhibition graphics for Art of Change: New Directions from China, with Jackson Lam. The exhibition, Art of Change, focused on Chinese contemporary installation & performance artworks, concerned with transformation and discontinuity; something deeply rooted in Eastern philosophy. On the theme of change, STSQ focused on developing a new format of the book, whilst maintaining certain qualities of traditional Chinese book production. The grid of images enables the reader to see only sections of the artists’ work, therefore highlighting the momentary nature of the artwork. Throughout the design process, STSQ were inspired by the Chinese dazibaos used in the Cultural Revolution, playing with the idea of scale & format.

PaperWork, Paperwork, 2013

Identity for art writing publication PaperWork and design of Issue 1 & 2. PaperWork magazine focuses on providing an interdisciplinary platform for visual artists engaged with writing to publish and distribute their work, with an emphasis on challenging the form and function in print. Focusing on the nature of the magazine's risograph production method STSQ developed the logo based on the half tone dot, whilst considering the nature of print, overprint and misprint. Issue 1, Lost & Found, STSQ experimented with the concept of ownership, constructing a new system of navigation and narrative through the loose leaf codex format. The system influenced the reader to lose & find the work whilst exploring the printed page. Issue 2, Uncanny, STSQ together with designer Ross Bennett experimented with the distinction between the familiar, the uncertainty and the unknown.

Input/Output, Studio Project, 2014

I/O (Input/Output) is a collaborative project with Patrick Coyle & Antonia Shaw with the support of AND Public and Sebastian Gorton Kalvik. The project examines how images and words can be sculpted through the exhaustive application of digital processes, illustrating the miscommunication caused by digital translation. STSQ present two series of prints charting the visual degradation caused by cyclical acts of reproduction, either through processes of printing and scanning or file compression, whilst Coyle’s text work explores the anomalies of language which arise through repetitive use of online translation services. The result of both systems are currently published in two volumes accompanied by a text by curator Antonia Shaw. The books are the starting point of a sustained analysis into digital reproduction and translation that increasingly pervade our daily life.

No Randomness, Saint Etienne Design Biennale, 2015

Exhibition graphics & set design for No Randomness, curated by Oscar Lhermitte for the design biennale in Saint Etienne. The concept for the exhibition was to address the overlooked elements of design found in everyday objects, outlining the detail of design consideration, many of which evolved due to practicality of production. Using this idea as a starting point for the set design, we looked at the practicality of exhibiting 19 items within the given space. Through the generation of a democratic grid, we created a template which provided each object equal space within the exhibition. This grid was then the basis for all our design decisions from the size of the display units to the typeface and the symbols. The symbols were created to highlight the unique function or design feature of each individual objects.

Exhibition Annuals Review 2015–2016, International Awards for Art Critisism ( IAAC ), 2016

Design of website and publication, Exhibition Annuals Review 2015-2016 for the International Awards for Art Criticism ( IAAC ). For the 2015 award 222 entries were received from 49 countries in both English and Chinese. The Exhibition Annuals Review is a collection of the best reviews submitted each year. Design of website and publication,The inclusive structure of the Awards is set up to mimic John Moore's prize, where by the submissions are anonymous, giving each applicant equal opportunity. Our designs therefor looked at utilising common formats, familiar to all, such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word as a basic structure. Included in to this was a scalable tool allowing the user to have control over how they read the content. With the submissions being entered in both English and Chinese, we researched in to hand written characters of both languages ...

Fresco for Euro Cup, Mairie de Paris, 2016

We were invited by the Mairie de Paris and Swedish embassy to represent Sweden for the collective work at the bank of Seine during the Euro Cup this summer. 24 countries were represented in a one kilometre long fresco. Each participant were given geometric elements, colours and a set of rules and and our idea was to do a representation of the cultural diversity in football and how that is also very current topic in Sweden, being the country in Europe that has the highest asylum seekers per million habitants. The haze represents statistics of the immigration to Sweden but also an image to encourage interaction. Sadly just a couple of days after it was made, Paris was caused with the highest flooding since 1910 and the banks of Seine was below the water level, so was the fresco!