WITHIN – Howard Tangye
Second Edition


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Within is a long-overdue survey of Howard Tangye’s remarkable work as an artist. For decades, Tangye has inspired the fashion industry as Head of Womenswear Design at Central Saint Martins College. Within presents Tangye’s lifelong passion for drawing, examining his method of undertaking a drawing, his connection to the sitter and his consideration of the hidden human structure beneath layers of clothes. The typeface used throughout the publication responds to this approach by imagining a skeleton of an existing typeface. Commissioned texts, photography and considered material combinations enable a reader of the publication to experience Tangye’s creative world.

For any questions please email within@stsq.org

Second edition Oct 2020
( First ed. published 2013 )
159 x 235 mm, 184 pages

54 colour illustrations
Introduction by Marie McLoughlin
Text by Abraham Thomas
Photography by Kasia Bobula
Designed & edited by Stinsensqueeze

Published by Stinsensqueeze

ISBN: 978-0-9926407-3-6