Visual identity for London based fashion brand, APAR.

APAR reviews our relationship to luxury – the luxury of time, detail of craft and comfort. Their garments question the traditional definition of masculine and feminine, taking their expression in the form of sharp sculptured volumes for the everyday use, made of noble fabrics and techniques, that stands long-lasting in the contemporary wardrobe. The brand considers the well-being of their clients, their collaborators, their makers, their materials and beyond. It does not follow established fashion seasons, and instead present their garments in editions. 

The logo is designed from a grid constructed through elemental geometry where the echo of circles, squares and triangles seek harmony in balance. The letterforms have been sculpted to reflect honesty, neutrality and a balance between traditional and modern. The logo symbol simplifies the acronym APAR,  bringing all four letters into one emblem.

Photography: David Vail
Styling: Andrej Skok