Chai Chai

Website and digital identity for Chai Chai – a creative agency working for social and cultural projects.

Chai Chai is a creative agency and production company and based in Paris. Focused on the social aspect of their work, and involving themselves in meaningful projects, they offer a wide remit of services from content creation to post-production, crowdfunding advice, and creating creative partnership. The new visual identity embodies the diversity of the agencies work, using narratives and storytelling, as a mean to retain a cohesive voice across all the different projects.

Chai Chai’s original logo, designed 10 years ago, combined the typeface Romain du Roi ( a French typeface from 1968, which was built on a 48 x 48 grid ) with a spinning top symbol, as a reference to the agencies way of working — ‘actions in motion’ . Still holding on to the relevance of this symbolism within their current day practice, the new logo was designed as a non-static entity following the path of the spinning tops movements.

Chai Chai’s name was borne from the companies first ever project in India — a word used to represent a sense of hospitality and welcoming. The new visual identity uses warm and colourful tones from an Indian landscape as a mean to reflects this very nature.