Visual identity, art direction, signage and website for social enterprise, kawaa.

kawaa is an inclusive meeting place built on four parts — cafe & restaurant, events & meetings, co-working space, and dwelling for those in economic need — kawaa is a support structure where people can meet and exchange, in hope of creating a more fair society.

To communicate the values and activities of kawaa, Stinsensqueeze worked with copywriter Loic Froger to develop a language that became the essence of the visual identity. The logo and ampersand symbol were built using simple geometry, overlaps and transparencies as a way to reflect the idea of coming together.

An Arabic word meaning ‘coffee’, kawaa translates as cafein French slang. Each location of kawaa has their own coffeetone made up of four colours that represent the different activities: cafe & restaurant, events & meetings, bureau and dwelling. The first kawaa is located in the 12th arrondissement in Paris.

Photography by Timothée Chambovet