RCA Visual Cultures Lecture Series
Royal College of Art, 2014 – ongoing

Poster design for a public lecture series, Current Modes of Artistic Production, organised by the Royal College of Art.

Invited to design digital and printed posters for a series of open lectures, which initially asked contemporary artists to discuss their process, explaining how a specific artwork develops from its conception to its final realisation. The concept for the poster design pivoted around methods of mass communication and dissemination. Borrowing from the structural templates used by social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, the layouts of the printed posters closely mimicked their online counterparts. Furthering the notion of inclusivity, the posters use the universal modular typeface Transito by Jan Tschichold. Artist talks include Elmgreen & Dragset, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Anthea Hamilton, Thomas Hirschhorn, Mark Leckey, Lucy Orta, Heather Philipson, Laure Provoust, Tomas Saraceno, Sissel Tolaas, Luc Tuymans, amongst others.