Alber Elbaz – The Dream Factory
Design Museum Holon, 2022

Exhibition graphics and concept development of catalogue for Alber Elbaz – The Dream Factory, Design Museum Holon, curated by Yaara Keydar.

An exhibition celebrating the late Alber Elbaz, which traces his extraordinary story. Born in Casablanca, he grew up in Holon, emigrated to New York, and conquered Paris, leaving behind an extraordinary legacy that changed fashion forever. The exhibition Alber Elbaz: The Dream Factory is the most extensive exhibition about Alber Elbaz to date.

Elbaz was known not only for his unique talent for fashion and visionary approach, but also for his rare ability to tell a story, to move and touch peoples hearts. Elbazs kind personality made him deeply beloved and appreciated by many around the world. Dreams, as the driving force in Elbazs life, take centre stage in the exhibition, alongside striking couture pieces.

The exhibition graphics were guided by Elbazs passion for contradicting approaches – perfect meets imperfect, quiet meets loud, public meets private, luxury meets raw, and chaos meets structure. All materials and typographic treatments celebrates the aesthetics of Elbazs world.

Poster image by Tim Walker
Exhibition images by Elad Sarig