All Rise for The Planet
Tate Modern, 2019

Design of identity and printed ephemera for All Rise for the Planet, a weekend long event at Tate Modern curated by Amy McDonnell and Eva Sajovic.

An event fictionally held in 2030, All Rise for the Planet formed a people’s court set in the future, where the audience ( as a collective jury ) discussed the responsibilities of governments, industry, media, academia, art institutions and citizens in climate breakdown.

The visual identity looked to transfer participants to the near future, through reformulating the typeface used for Darwin’s Origin of the Species. To imbue the event with a formal, legislative quality, the design called upon layouts of legal documents and methods of evidence archiving, and a rubber stamp was used to reference a judicial mallet. Orange tones on recycled sheets of paper represented a world where climate destruction was apparent and resources hugely limited.

The project was developed with Plan B, Extinction Rebellion, visual arts organisation 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, True Name Theatre, and People’s Bureau for the trial of our lives.

Curated by Amy McDonnell and Eva Sajovic