No Randomness
Saint Etienne Design Biennale, 2015
Saint Etienne

Exhibition design and graphics for No Randomness, curated by Oscar Lhermitte.

No Randomness focused on 19 everyday objects, where production practicalities and end user experiences determined their final form, in order to explore overlooked elements of design. Consequently, function became the defining impetus for the exhibition and graphic design. All elements – from the typeface to the display units – were generated from a unifying grid, which was determined by the need to exhibit all objects equally in a given space, removing notions of hierarchy.

Each individual exhibit was accompanied by a designed symbol, which highlighted the objects’ unique function. Following the Saint Etienne Design Biennale, the exhibition toured to: The Aram Gallery ( London ),  Clerkenwell Design Week ( London ), Tallinn Design Festival ( Estonia ),  Designrejio Kortrijk ( Belgium ), the Lodz Design Festival ( Poland ), Wuhan Design Biennale ( China ), Guofeng Art Museum Shenzhen ( China ) and Lille Metropole World Design Capital 2020 ( France ).

Curated by Oscar Lhermitte