Exhibition Reviews Annuals
International Awards for Art Criticism ( IAAC ), 2016 –
London & Shanghai

Catalogue and website design for Exhibition Review Annuals, a contemporary art criticism competition with submissions from Chinese and English writers.

The International Awards for Art Criticism is modeled on an inclusive principle, where anonymous submissions ensure equal opportunities for all applicants. This notion of inclusivity is carried through to the website design, for example its layout looks at commonly recognised formats, such as Microsoft Word. Within the design the user is able to scale the Chinese and English text accordingly, granting them freedom to arrange the website as they prefer.

The typeface design draws upon systems of penmanship. Each handwritten Chinese character and English letter is constructed in a precise order. Disrupting these traditions of mark making, Chinese characters were written as if by a Western hand ( and visa versa ), with each stroke depicted in ink, which slowly fades.