Candida Powell-Williams, 2017

Design of artist book Footnotes, for Candida Powell-Williams.

Footnotes acts as a research archive for, and document of, The Vernacular History of the Golden Rhubarb, a solo exhibition by Candida Powell-Williams. The project spliced together 30 historical artifacts and their depiction by secondary sources, charting their evolution into touristic icons and thus exploring the consequences of retelling history. The footnotes are a collage of research adding insight into the artist’s process of layering, as well as her personal experiences of the artifacts. The images are documentation sourced from visitors’ social media and layered with drawings and symbols prevalent in the artist’s practice. The layout showcases the entangled content in the clearest manor possible. The concept of layering is carried into the production of the publication through Riso printing.

Written by Candida Powell-Williams
140 x 195mm, 32pp