Imagine Moscow: Architecture, Propaganda, Revolution
The Design Museum,  2017

Exhibition catalogue design for Imagine Moscow: Architecture, Propaganda, Revolution, curated by Eszter Steierhoffer at The Design Museum.

Imagine Moscow explores the unrealised visions of a new generation of early twentieth-century architects and designers, presenting their bold, idealistic imaginings for Moscow through six unbuilt architectural landmarks from the 1920s and early 1930s. Each of these designs introduced different aspects of Soviet Union life and ideology: collectivization, urban planning, aviation, communication, industrialization, communal living and recreation.

The publication translates the experience of being in a city into the format of a book. The design deploys mapping devices and plays with scale and symbols navigate the reader as they journey through the pages of the book, encountering unique illustrations of the buildings drawn by STSQ, 1:1 scale artworks and a photographic portrait of a pair hands, fictionally presented as Lenin’s.

Exhibition curated by Eszter Steierhoffer
125 x 180mm, 160pp