PaperWork Magazine
PaperWork, 2013 – 2019

Identity for art writing publication PaperWork and design of the issues Lost & Found, Act Natural and iilwimi lipsing.

PaperWork magazine focuses on providing an interdisciplinary platform for visual artists engaged with the spoken and the written word, with emphasis on challenging the form and function in print. Focusing on the nature of the magazine’s risograph production method, the logo was developed based on the half tone dot, considering the nature of print, overprinting and misprinting. The magazine is loose bound, allowing individual pages to be extracted and become sheets for performances.

Lost & Found, the first issue of the magazine, explores the concept of ownership. A new system of navigation reconstructed the narrative through a loose-leaf codex format, influencing the reader to lose and find works whilst exploring the printed page.

Issue 2, Uncanny, experiments with the distinction between the familiar, the uncertain and the unknown. Generating subtle shifts in the content through layering and repetition, a new experience of reading was created. This issue was made in collaboration with Ross Bennett.

Issue 3, ilwimi lipsing discusses the politics of not-translating. Considering language as a system of untranslated signs, the main typeface was constructed using the simplest and most universally reconsiable geometric forms.

Edited by Jessa Mockridge, Catherine Smiles
148 x 210mm
First issue: 80pp, Second issue: 84pp