Reflect, Project, Connect
Svenskt Trä, 2019

Design of catalogue Reflect, Project, Connect and exhibition design for Plots, Prints, Projections – Displaced, travelling exhibition Sweden

Both the catalogue and touring show summarise and reflect upon the project Greenhouse Garden – Reflect, Project, Connect, which took place as part of the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2018. The project included the exhibition Plots, Prints, Projections and collateral events within the Pavillon Loggia D’Ombra. Following the Biennale, the exhibition travelled to Form/Design Center in Malmö, Skellefteå Stadshus and Kulturparken Småland in Vaxjö. 

This catalogue and exhibition design saw the continuation of the design originally developed for the 2018 Venice exhibition which was situated in the greenhouse, Serra Dei Giardini. The show engaged a number of selected architecture studios to develop works which explore the translation of architectural representation to their built forms, considering also the sustainable material of wood.

The catalogue was imagined as a two-dimensional representation of the physical exhibition, where three-dimensional aspects of the greenhouse were adopted and transcribed into design elements for the book; the title typeface follows the unique shape of the greenhouse windows, and the building structure defined the grid for the catalogue.

Edited by David Valldeby
165 x 235mm, 132pp