Virtual Realms: Videogames Transformed
Barbican, 2021
Global touring exhibition

Exhibition catalogue for Virtual Realms: Videogames Transformed

An immersive, multi-sensory exhibition that reimagines video game creativity and reshapes how we can play together across virtual and physical realms, Virtual Realms is co-curated by the Barbican and Tetsuya Mizuguchi

The catalogue brings together different booklets loosely cased in a textured folder, reflecting the interactive realms present in the exhibition — Synaesthesia, Unity, Play, Connection, Narrative and Everything. The uniquely coloured booklets invite the reader to take a non-linear approach to the content, echoing the free structure of the exhibition.

The display typeface finds its roots in Adrian Frutigers Univers, the typeface coined as a model for the emerging world of digital type, and is used as a body copy throughout the book. Offsetting its original path, the logo is transformed into a computer-generated form, inspired by the illusion of the infinity mirror, which is echoed repetitively six times, one for each realm.

240 x 180mm, 144pp
Printed by Die Keure, Bruges

Catalogue photography by Timothée Chambovet
Exhibition photography by Ajam Sali