Juxtaposing Craft
Östasiatiska Museet, 2022

Letterforms for exhibition and catalogue, Juxtaposing Craft at Östasiatiska Museet.

Juxtaposing Craft places hand crafted historical objects from Japan and the Nordic countries side by side. It is a method to reveal new knowledge of the past, to raise questions of the present and unravel new propositions for the future. It celebrates the importance of craft as a valuable act in realising the interconnectedness of everything, a means to stimulate a renewed respect for nature and a sustainable mindset.

The title typeface is inspired by Japanese calligraphy approach, Shodu. It is said that if you master Shodu you master mindfulness. Stinsensqueeze considered the absence of mindfulness when drawing letterforms digitally. The idea was to create a harmonious and philosophical process expressed through the careful consideration of brush strokes. ‘Juxtaposed’ is a display typeface that requires the movement of the whole body. The body is fixed to a set point, and the letters are defined by the limitations of our physical reach.