Plots Prints Projections
Swedish Architects, 2018

Type design for exhibition and catalogue for Plots Prints Projection, curated by Ulrika Karlsson, for the Swedish pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, 2018.

The exhibition was situated in the greenhouse, Serra Dei Giardini. It engaged a number of selected architecture studios to present different perspectives on the translation of architectural representation and its built form, as well as briefing them to challenge the sustainability of wood as a building material.

The catalogue was imagined as a two-dimensional representation of the physical exhibition, where three-dimensional aspects of the greenhouse were adopted and transcribed into design elements for the book; the title typeface follows the unique shape of the greenhouse windows, and the building structure defined the grid for the catalogue. 

The computer drawn typeface was translated into a wood-block typeface, which brought focus to the projects two pivotal concerns: wood as a material, and the translation between both two and three dimensions.

The catalogue was printed in Italy on an Italian recycled paper and used a thin body copy typeface ( reducing the ink usage) as way to limit the environmental impact of the book production. On our suggestion, a symbolic fee was added, to avoid the catalogue becoming a throw away object.