E. Stott

Visual identity, art direction, packaging and holding page for sustainably minded womenswear label E.Stott. 

E.Stott looks to create an alternative ways to build a sustainable wardrobe. Using end-of-line fabrics, the label creates timeless pieces that last a life time. The elegantly constructed modular pieces allows the customer to buy piece by piece, extending the life of a garment and reducing consumption. 

The visual identity finds its roots in Caslon 471 designed by British typographer William Caslon. The structure has been adapted to echo the distinct flowing twists and fluidity of E.Stott garments, bringing together elaborate traditional ornamentation with a contemporary feel. Playful, romantic with attitude. 

As a means to reduce the amount of items produced for the brand stationery and packaging, stickers were produced which could be used across all items, making it flexible and adaptable to different needs. All materials used throughout the identity were made from recycled pre and post-consumer waste or biodegradable. 

The art direction was approached as a means to emphasise the spirit of the brand, energetic, expressive, and honest. 

E.Stott photography by Sarah Blais
Project documentation by Hannah Thual