Friendsome Records

Visual identity, website, vinyl and merchandise for french record label and DJ collective Friendsome Records.

Friendsome is a social enterprise concerned with the gender inequalities and generational divides present within the music industry, and its negative environmental impact. It donates 20% of profits to carefully selected NGOs and charities.

Their visual identity is inspired by equality and balance. Referencing the yin and yang symbol, the design layers the traditional round framework with an imagined square interpretation, the new architecture representing both analogue and digital music; a consideration further reflected through the juxtaposition of handmade and digital production present throughout the identity. This newly devised structure forms the grid from which the typeface, logo, brand symbol and layout are developed.

Echoing the label’s belief in a better future, every aspect of the visual identity is produced with sustainable considerations at their core.
Photography by Timothée Chambovet