House of Minimus

Concept development, visual identity and art direction for clothing brand, House of Minimus.

House of Minimus ( aka Minimus ) is a fashion brand specialising in both the utilitarian boiler suit and a range of beautifully embroidered badges for garment customisation. House of Minimus perceives their garments as wearable blank canvases, a concept that articulates the brands core values of self-expression, simplicity and creative potential.

Drawing upon Minimus’ spiritual philosophy and humanistic message, as well as the brand’s British industrial heritage, the logo and typeface were developed using both Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and a contemporary version of Eric Gill’s ‘Gill Sans – Gill Sans Nova’. In turn, this generated a new template – a sort of outline that could be filled in, which allows space for expression and evolution within the very brand identity itself.
Each of the embroidered badges represents a human character trait ( such as bravery ) through five spirit animals: the wolf, octopus, lion, cobra and hummingbird. The illustrations were commissioned by mindful illustrator Muhammed Rofi.