Mashama show invites
Mashama, 2014 – 2020

Fashion Show invitations for Chinese womenswear brand Mashama.

Having designed invitations for each of Mashama’s 12 fashion shows since 2014, this project amalgamated the dozen designs together, presenting them as one cohesive object to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Mashama label in 2020. Each of the individual invitation designs reflected the colours and materiality of their corresponding seasons’ collection, and so presenting them in this way provided an overview of the brands conceptual and aesthetic parameters, a cohesiveness that was articulated through the letter ‘M’ spanning across the surface of all 12 pieces. Simultaneously, it demonstrates the cultivation and growth of the brand over the past six years. Ray and Charles Eames’ project The Power of Ten provided the inspiration for this work: each step closer we gain a greater understanding of what we are looking at.