The Blue Market
Southwark Council & Made in Bermondsey
2019 – 2022

Visual identity, signage and way finding for The Blue Market in Bermondsey, London. In collaboration with Hayatsu Architects and Assemble.

Made in Bermondsey, focuses on revitalising the Blue Market and surrounding area of, The Blue, Bermondsey’s town centre. With its rich industrial history, the market was once a busy market on a bustling street, but gradually declined due to post war clearance and the closure of nearby railways. The project focuses to create a better physical connection to the Blue, encourage public access to community buildings and make improvements to the high street and to carefully transform the market to regain its importance to and with the community.

The visual identity was developed through a consideration of the site’s heritage. Looking across a broad spectrum of time, from the typography and symbols of 11th century, to the signage of the industrial era and up to the current day branding ( 2019 ). The newly developed logo is a hybrid between the past and the present and is accompanied by the symbol of the lion, a feature which has been consistent throughout the site’s full history.

Overtime the symbol of the lion has altered, with its latest iteration being created in 2011 a statue which takes centre stage of the market place. The new identity looks to update the lion, asking members of the community to draw and create their own hybrids inspired by historical versions of the creature.

The graphical application for the site stretches far and wide from metal signage marking the entrance to the site, to wayfinding elements, painted market signage, historical floor plaques, shutter artwork and newly laid paving design.